Turkey Congee (Savoury Rice Porridge)

Turkey Congee

Sorry for the hiatus.
It’s been a busy past few months, including two wonderful weddings – one of which was my own!  I’m happy to be back in the kitchen and excited to use all of our new wedding gifts and matching cookware.  I feel like such a grown-up.
 My first introduction to congee was a few years ago at one of my husband’s bi-monthly family dinners.  A few times a year, Popo (grandma in Chinese) makes a huge vat of turkey Jook, another name for congee.   Congee is a popular Asian rice soup made by cooking rice in water or stock until it has broken down to a porridge consistency.  At first I have to say that I was not overly fond of its bland taste but saw the potential to spice it up. 
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Refreshing Asian Noodle Salad


One of my favourite summer meals is this Asian noodle salad.  Packed full of crunchy vegetables and refreshing herbs this salad is sure to be a crowd favourite.  It pairs perfectly with grilled meat or seafood and makes a great potluck dish.

One tip when making any cold salad is to add some of the dressing to the noodles while they are still warm. As the noodles cool down they will absorb the dressing rather than just coating the outside.  This trick also works for making potato or quinoa salads.

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